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Temporal mixture modelling of single-cell RNA-seq data resolves a CD4 T cell fate bifurcation

Tapio Lönnberg, Valentine Svensson, Kylie James, Daniel Fernandez-Ruiz, Ismail Sebina, Ruddy Montandon, Megan Soon, Lily Fogg, Michael Stubbington, Frederik Otzen Bagger, Max Zwiessele, Neil Lawrence, Fernando Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, William Heath, Oliver Billker, Oliver Stegle, Ashraful Haque, Sarah Teichmann

Published : 2016


Abstract Differentiation of naïve CD4 + T cells into functionally distinct T helper subsets is crucial for the orchestration of immune responses. Due to multiple levels of heterogeneity and multiple overlapping transcriptional programs in differentiating T cell populations, this process has remained a challenge for systematic dissection in vivo . By using single-cell RNA transcriptomics and computational modelling of temporal mixtures, we reconstructed the developmental trajectories of Th1 and Tfh cell populations during Plasmodium infection in mice at single-cell resolution. These cell fates emerged from a common, highly proliferative and metabolically active precursor. Moreover, by trackin..

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Awarded by European Research Council

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