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BCOR Regulates Cell Fate Transition, Myeloid Differentiation and Leukaemogenesis

Lev M Kats, Madison J Kelly, Gareth Gregory, Ricky W Johnstone, Stephin J Vervoort

Blood | AMER SOC HEMATOLOGY | Published : 2018


Abstract Stem cell self-renewal and lineage specification are highly dynamic and tightly controlled processes that are essential for normal haematopoiesis and are dysregulated in cancer. The X-linked BCL6 Corepressor (BCOR) gene encodes a protein that is widely expressed across adult human tissues and is a component of a non-canonical Polycomb repressive complex 1 (PRC1). The BCOR gene is recurrently mutated in various malignant and non-malignant blood disorders, and we and others have recently provided experimental evidence that BCOR has cell-context dependent functions in regulating the proliferation, differentiation and survival of haematopoietic cells. To comprehensively e..

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