Thesis / Dissertation

Are auditory verbal hallucinations related to auditory processing deficits and prosodic impairment in schizophrenia?

C Groot, Henry Jackson (ed.), Susan Rossell (ed.)

Published : 2015


The ability to interpret affect and linguistic intent based on the intonation, rhythm, and stress of speech, is known as receptive prosody. As an auditory communicative function, receptive prosody is ultimately reliant on the processing of its constituent perceptual elements, namely, pitch, tone duration, and loudness. Previous research clearly demonstrates that receptive affective prosody is impaired in schizophrenia; however, the findings as regards linguistic prosody are mixed. Similarly, research shows robust impairments for pitch and tone duration processing in schizophrenia samples, yet loudness processing remains relatively unexplored. Recent findings indicates that the pitch and pros..

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