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Development of a novel pomegranate standard and new method for the quantitative measurement of pomegranate polyphenols

KR Martin, CG Krueger, G Rodriquez, M Dreher, JD Reed

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture | Published : 2009


BACKGROUND: The Folin-Ciocalteu method is routinely used to calculate total polyphenol concentrations (TPP) in food products. However, the use of inappropriate standards such as gallic acid (GA) may give inaccurate estimates of TPP content. A method for the production of a pomegranate (Punica granatum L. 'Wonderful') standard was developed and validated to avoid this problem. The PPS was produced by solid phase (C18) isolation of polyphenols from POMx powder (a nutritional supplement) and used for TPP analysis. RESULTS: TPP content of POMx was >90% using PPS, whereas the GA standard underestimated TPP by up to 30%. Compositional analysis confirmed a balance of about 9%non-polyphenolic compou..

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