Conference Proceedings

Developmental lipidome and proteome of Haemonchus contortus reflect unique adaptations in the transition to parasitism

S Nie, Tao Wang, Guangxu Ma, Ching-Seng Ang, Pasi Korhonen, Rong Xu, Anson Koehler, Richard SIMPSON, David GREENING, Gavin Reid, Nicholas Williamson, Robin Gasser

Australasian Proteomics Society | Published : 2019


There has been a dearth of lipidomic and proteomic data sets to underpin fundamental investigations of parasites and parasitism at the molecular level. Here, using a high throughput LC-MS/MS-based approach, we undertook the first large-scale lipidomic and proteomic investigations of the barber's pole worm (Haemonchus contortus - one of the most important parasitic nematodes of livestock animals worldwide). In total, 554 lipid species of 4 distinct lipid categories and 2487 unique proteins representing key developmental stages and both sexes were identified and quantified with high confidence. Bioinformatic analyses showed substantial alterations in the composition and abundance of lipids and..

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