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Can subsoil amelioration improve the productivity of grain production in medium-high rainfall environments?

B Malcolm, Roger Armstrong, Ehsan Tavakkoli, Nigel Wilhelm, David Davenport, Geoff Dean, Jon Midwood, Pichu Rengasmy, Cam Grant, Jack Desboiles, Peter Sale

18th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference | The Australian Society of Agronomy | Published : 2017


The water limited yield of many grain crops growing on poorly structured subsoils in the medium-high rainfall zone of south eastern Australia falls far short of the full potential. Previous research has demonstrated that applying large quantities (> 10 t/ha) of organic matter, commonly referred to as subsoil manuring, can markedly improve grain yields for at least several years. A number of issues has limited the commercial implementation of this technology on-farm, including unpredictable yield responses, high upfront costs, the availability of suitable organic matter sources and the lack of commercially available machinery to apply the organic matter. Critically, the exact mechanisms under..

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