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Evaluating the evidence for biotypes of depression: attempted replication of Drysdale 2017

Richard Dinga, Lianne Schmaal, Brenda Penninx, Marie Jose van Tol, Dick Veltman, Laura van Velzen, Nic van der Wee, Andre Marquand

Published : 2018


Background Psychiatric disorders are highly heterogeneous, defined based on symptoms with little connection to potential underlying biological mechanisms. A possible approach to dissect biological heterogeneity is to look for biologically meaningful subtypes. A recent study Drysdale et al. (2017) showed promising results along this line by simultaneously using resting state fMRI and clinical data and identified four distinct subtypes of depression with different clinical profiles and abnormal resting state fMRI connectivity. These subtypes were predictive of treatment response to transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. Objective Here, we attempted to replicate the procedure followed in th..

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