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Mapping Cortical Brain Asymmetry in 17,141 Healthy Individuals Worldwide via the ENIGMA Consortium

Xiang-Zhen Kong, Samuel Mathias, Tulio Guadalupe, Christoph Abé, Ingrid Agartz, Theophilus Akudjedu, Aleman Andre, Alhusaini Saud, Nicholas Allen, David Ames, Ole Andreassen, Alejandro Arias Vasquez, Nicola Armstrong, Felipe Bergo, Mark Bastin, Albert Batalla, Jochen Bauer, Bernhard Baune, Ramona Baur, Joseph Biederman Show all

Published : 2017


Hemispheric asymmetry is a cardinal feature of human brain organization. Altered brain asymmetry has also been linked to some cognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders. Here the ENIGMA consortium presents the largest ever analysis of cerebral cortical asymmetry and its variability across individuals. Cortical thickness and surface area were assessed in MRI scans of 17,141 healthy individuals from 99 datasets worldwide. Results revealed widespread asymmetries at both hemispheric and regional levels, with a generally thicker cortex but smaller surface area in the left hemisphere relative to the right. Regionally, asymmetries of cortical thickness and/or surface area were found in the inferior f..

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