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Neurodevelopmental correlates of the emerging adult self

Christopher G Davey, Alex D Fornito, Jesus Pujol, Michael Breakspear, Lianne Schmaal, Ben J Harrison



The self-concept - the set of beliefs that a person has about themselves - shows significant development from adolescence to early adulthood, in parallel with brain development over the same period. We sought to investigate how age-related changes in self-appraisal processes corresponded with brain network segregation and integration in healthy adolescents and young adults. We scanned 88 participants (46 female), aged from 15 to 25 years, as they performed a self-appraisal task. We first examined their patterns of activation to self-appraisal, and replicated prior reports of reduced dorsomedial prefrontal cortex activation with older age, with similar reductions in precuneus, right anterior ..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC)

Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

The research was supported by National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NHMRC) Project Grants 1024570 (principal investigator, CGD) and 1064643 (principal investigator, BJH). CGD was supported by an NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (1061757). AF was supported by an Australian Research Council Fellowship (FT130100589). BJH was supported by a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (1124472).