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Spores from Space: Becoming the Alien

Tessa Laird

Covert Plants Vegetal Consciousness and Agency in an Anthropocentric World | Punctum Books | Published : 2018


The masterpiece of pseudo-science, The Secret Life of Plants (1973) features a chapter on plants’ communication with space. Over a decade ago, the artist Frances Stark penned a love letter to this book in Art / Text, but, she drew the line at this chapter, unable to assimilate the idea that plants, who predate human beings on this planet by hundreds of millions of years, might have developed technologies more sophisticated than those we have managed to create within the last 100 years. This paper proposes that, not only might plants be communicating with space, but that we too might be communing with extraterrestrial life forms via the arcane networked technologies of our chlorophiliac frie..

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