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A whole-farm investment analysis of a partial mixed ration feeding system for dairy cows

S Henty, CKM Ho, MJ Auldist, WJ Wales, B Malcolm



Aim: A dairy farm in south-west Victoria was analysed to discern the impact on profit and risk of changing from a feeding system in the base case where grain was fed in the dairy and forage in the paddock, to a partial mixed ration (PMR) or a formulated grain mix (FGM) feeding system. Context: A PMR feeding system involves feeding a well formulated mixed ration to a grazing dairy herd and typically requires the use of specialised machinery to mix and feed out the forage and grain components of the ration together onto a feed pad. In a FGM feeding system, the same formulated ration fed in the PMR system is used, but the grain component of the ration is fed using the existing feeding system in..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank the case study farm family who participated in this study. We acknowledge the interest and support provided by the members of the project advisory committee. We also acknowledge the Dairy Farm Monitor Project team, Scott McDonald and Marg Jenkin. This research was funded by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources and Dairy Australia.