Journal article

Visual attention and neural oscillations in reading and dyslexia: Are they possible targets for remediation?

Trichur R Vidyasagar

Neuropsychologia | PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD | Published : 2019


After decades of finding a range of cognitive functions both in visual and phonological domains that correlate with reading performance, there are in recent years attempts to solve the causation versus correlation dilemma in finding a core deficit in developmental dyslexia (DD). Thus, longitudinal studies that aim to predict reading difficulties from studies done in pre-reading years and reading-level matched studies that try to factor out the effect due to lack of reading in DD cohorts, have helped identify two possible candidates to be added to the classical phonological suspect. One is a deficit in visuo-spatial attention that underpins our ability to selectively attend to individual obje..

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