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Gastric acid secretory capacity falls after repeated within-day pentagastrin testing in fed subjects.

CW Brook, ND Yeomans, EG Hewson, RA Smallwood

Aliment Pharmacol Ther | Published : 1987


Between-day pentagastrin testing yields highly reproducible stimulated gastric acid output values, but little is known of the reproducibility of repeated within-day pentagastrin tests. We have performed three pentagastrin tests within the 1 day in nine healthy subjects. Within-day tests were 6 hours apart; the first followed an overnight fast and the second and third were both 4 hours after a substantial meal. A further test was performed the following morning, again after an overnight fast, which allowed comparison of within-day and between-day testing. In the second and third within-day tests there was a marked decrease of stimulated gastric acid output, with both maximal and peak acid out..

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