Reference Work

Performative Literacy: Children’s Graphic-Narrative-Embodied Play

Susan Wright, Richard Hickman (ed.), John Baldacchino (ed.), Kerry Freedman (ed.), Emese Hall (ed.), Nigel Meager (ed.)

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. | Published : 2019


Drawing and narrative are semiotic tools for children's communication of thoughts and feelings, both real and imaginary. Because they are composed from children's personal experiences, they are infused with deep meanings that link the emotions, the body, and the work of art itself in a dialectical relationship between, in particular, (1) embodied simulation and spatial‐temporal reasoning and (2) empathetic intention, emotion, and agency. Such knowledge‐building is enhanced and enriched through children's use of interconnected signs – visual, verbal, gestural – as they fashion real and imaginary worlds on paper. Children's rich, symbolic texts may be mediated through a type of performative se..

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