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Cell-to-cell interaction in the immune response. VII. Requirement for differentiation of thymus-derived cells.

JF Miller, J Sprent, A Basten, NL Warner, JC Breitner, G Rowland, J Hamilton, H Silver, WJ Martin

Journal of Experimental Medicine | Published : 1971


Experiments were designed to test the possibility that thymus-derived (T) cells cooperate with nonthymus derived (B) cells in antibody responses by acting as passive carriers of antigen. Thoracic duct lymphocytes (TDL) from fowl gammaG-tolerant mice were incubated in vitro with fowl anti-mouse lymphocyte globulin (FALG), which was shown not to be immunosuppressive in mice. On transfer into adult thymectomized, irradiated, and marrow protected (TxBM) hosts together with a control antigen, horse RBC, a response to horse RBC but not to fowl gammaG was obtained. By contrast, TxBM recipients of nontolerant, FALG-coated TDL responded to both antigens and the antibody-forming cells were shown to be..

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