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Anatomic symmetry of anterolateral thigh flap perforators: a computed tomography angiographic study.

David Lu, Philip Chan, Scott Ferris, Ramin Shayan, Margaret Angliss, Frank Bruscino-Raiola

ANZ J Surg | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: The anterolateral thigh flap is a workhorse reconstructive flap. Versatility in design is a key strength but perforator anatomy can be variable. Inability to locate perforators prompts consideration of contralateral thigh exploration. However, such exploration would be futile if the absence of perforators proves symmetrical. This study assesses the symmetry of anterolateral thigh flap vasculature using computed tomography angiography (CTA). METHODS: A retrospective analysis of 20 bilateral thigh CTAs was performed. Each limb was assessed for number, course, location and size of perforators. Only vessels >0.5 mm in size at origin were included. Location was standardized between pa..

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