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Emergence of data and non-data team networks: An agent-based model

I Someh, B Wixom, MJ Songhori, G Shanks

Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems 2018, ICIS 2018 | Published : 2018


© International Conference on Information Systems 2018, ICIS 2018.All rights reserved. Research on the organizational impact of business analytics (BA) systems has mainly focused on the identification of analytics resources and capabilities in isolation and linking them directly or indirectly to business value. In contrast, achieving value from data assets in real organizational settings requires data teams to form connections with other organizational (non-data) teams so that the teams can work together and utilize complementary and shared resources. This paper focuses on the embeddedness of data and non-data teams within an organizational network, and it examines how the two teams connect ..

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