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Mineral and Citrate Concentrations in Milk Are Affected by Seasons, Stage of Lactation and Management Practices

Frank R Dunshea, Glen P Walker, Roderick Williams, Peter T Doyle

Agriculture | MDPI AG | Published : 2019


This study was conducted to examine associations between nutrition, time of year and season of calving on milk mineral concentrations in 24 pasture-based dairy farms. There was substantial variation in the concentrations (mean with range in parentheses) of Ca 1072 (864–1310) mg/kg; citrate 1579 (880–2080) mg/kg; P 885 (640–1040) mg/kg; Mg 98 (73–122) mg/kg; Na 347 (248–554) mg/kg; K 1534 (1250–2010) mg/kg; and S 295 (155–372) mg/kg with most of the variation associated with stage of lactation, although the influence of days in milk was different for different minerals. Feeding practices were also important in determining the concentrations of some components. Milk Ca, citrate, P, and K conce..

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