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A genome-wide association study of sodium levels and drug metabolism in an epilepsy cohort treated with carbamazepine and oxcarbazepine.

Bianca Berghuis, Caragh Stapleton, Anja CM Sonsma, Janic Hulst, Gerrit-Jan de Haan, Dick Lindhout, Rita Demurtas, undefined EpiPGX Consortium, Roland Krause, Chantal Depondt, Wolfram S Kunz, Federico Zara, Pasquale Striano, John Craig, Pauls Auce, Anthony G Marson, Hreinn Stefansson, Terence J O'Brien, Michael R Johnson, Graeme J Sills Show all

Epilepsia Open | Published : 2019


Objective: To ascertain the clinical and genetic factors contributing to carbamazepine- and oxcarbazepine-induced hyponatremia (COIH), and to carbamazepine (CBZ) metabolism, in a retrospectively collected, cross-sectional cohort of people with epilepsy. Methods: We collected data on serum sodium levels and antiepileptic drug levels in people with epilepsy attending a tertiary epilepsy center while on treatment with CBZ or OXC. We defined hyponatremia as Na+ ≤134 mEq/L. We estimated the CBZ metabolic ratio defined as the log transformation of the ratio of metabolite CBZ-diol to unchanged drug precursor substrate as measured in serum. Results: Clinical and genetic data relating to carbamazepin..

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