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Advances in multidisciplinary therapy for meningiomas.

Priscilla K Brastianos, Evanthia Galanis, Nicholas Butowski, Jason W Chan, Ian F Dunn, Roland Goldbrunner, Christel Herold-Mende, Franziska M Ippen, Christian Mawrin, Michael W McDermott, Andrew Sloan, James Snyder, Ghazaleh Tabatabai, Marcos Tatagiba, Joerg C Tonn, Patrick Y Wen, Kenneth Aldape, Farshad Nassiri, Gelareh Zadeh, Michael D Jenkinson Show all

Neuro Oncol | Published : 2019


Surgery has long been established as the first-line treatment for the majority of symptomatic and enlarging meningiomas, and evidence for its success is derived from retrospective case series. Despite surgical resection, a subset of meningiomas display aggressive behavior with early recurrences that are difficult to treat. The decision to radically resect meningiomas and involved structures is balanced against the risk for neurological injury in patients. Radiation therapy has largely been used as a complementary and safe therapeutic strategy in meningiomas with evidence primarily stemming from retrospective, single-institution reports. Two of the first cooperative group studies (RTOG 0539 a..

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