Book Chapter

Boundaries and authenticity in the Monument to Marchese Spinetta Malaspina

Jonathan Kemp, Sarah Healey-Dilkes

Holding it All Together Ancient and Modern Approaches to Joining, Repair and Consolidation | Archetype Publications | Published : 2009


The Monument to Marchese Spinetta Malaspina, a large-scale Renaissance stucco, marble and limestone memorial from Verona, Italy, has recently been dismantled for conservation before reinstallation in 2009, in the new Medieval and Renaissance Galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Since its removal from a Veronese church in 1886, the monument has been relocated three times, with its form being redefined with each reassembly. The properties of the monument’s predominant material, stucco, proved significant to the conservators involved in the monument’s deinstallation and preparation for reinstallation and raised several issues in relation to its authenticity. This contribution ..

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