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Horizontal transfer of whole mitochondria restores tumorigenic potential in mitochondria! DNA-deficient cancer cells

Lan-Feng Dong, Jaromira Kovarova, Martina Bajzikova, Ayenachew Bezawork-Geleta, David Svec, Berwini Endaya, Karishma Sachaphibulkij, Ana R Coelho, Natasa Sebkova, Anna Ruzickova, An S Tan, Katarina Kluckova, Kristyna Judasova, Katerina Zamecnikova, Zuzana Rychtarcikova, Vinod Gopalan, Ladislav Andera, Margarita Sobol, Bing Yan, Bijay Pattnaik Show all



Recently, we showed that generation of tumours in syngeneic mice by cells devoid of mitochondrial (mt) DNA (ρ0 cells) is linked to the acquisition of the host mtDNA. However, the mechanism of mtDNA movement between cells remains unresolved. To determine whether the transfer of mtDNA involves whole mitochondria, we injected B16ρ0 mouse melanoma cells into syngeneic C57BL/6Nsu9-DsRed2 mice that express red fluorescent protein in their mitochondria. We document that mtDNA is acquired by transfer of whole mitochondria from the host animal, leading to normalisation of mitochondrial respiration. Additionally, knockdown of key mitochondrial complex I (NDUFV1) and complex II (SDHC) subunits by shRNA..

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