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Il ruolo dei centri minori nell’economia romana: una panoramica dei risultati di indagini archeologici nei siti di Forum Appii ed Ad Medias.

Gijs Tol, Tymon De Haas, Carmela Anastasia

Alle pendici dei Colli Albani. Dinamiche insediative e cultura materiale ai confini con Roma | Barkhuis Publishing | Published : 2019


In Roman Italy - as in many other pre-industrial agricultural societies - rural centres must have formed important focal points for surrounding rural populations, providing a wide range of day-to-day amenities and services. Despite their presumed importance, such sites are poorly documented archaeologically. The so-called Minor Centres-project, carried out between 2011 and 2016 specifically aimed to advance knowledge on rural centres and their role in local economies. The project comprises two different approaches: first, a study of the economic geography of Roman Italy, leading to assumptions about the role of rural centres in regional settlement systems and infrastructure. Secondly, a prog..

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