Journal article

Velocity probability distribution scaling in wall-bounded flows at high Reynolds numbers

M-W Ge, Xiang IA Yang, Ivan Marusic

Physical Review Fluids | American Physical Society | Published : 2019


Probability density functions (PDFs) give well-rounded statistical descriptions of stochastic quantities and therefore are fundamental to turbulence. Wall-bounded turbulent flows are of particular interest given their prevalence in a vast array of applications, but for these flows the scaling of velocity probability distribution is still far from being well founded. By exploiting the self-similarity in wall-bounded turbulent flows and modeling velocity fluctuations as results of self-repeating processes, we present a theoretical argument, supported by empirical evidence, for a universal velocity PDF scaling in high-Reynolds-number wall turbulence.

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by National Natural Science Foundation of China

Funding Acknowledgements

We gratefully acknowledge C. Meneveau and P. Johnson for fruitful discussion. M.-W.G. would like to thank the China Scholarship Council to support his visit to Penn State. This work was financially supported by Penn State University, Australian Research Council, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 11772128).