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Rapid, High-Resolution Magnetic Microscopy of Single Magnetic Microbeads

Julia M McCoey, Robert W de Gille, Babak Nasr, Jean-Philippe Tetienne, Liam T Hall, David A Simpson, Lloyd CL Hollenberg

Small | Wiley | Published : 2019


Magnetic microparticles or “beads” are used in a variety of research applications from cell sorting through to optical force traction microscopy. The magnetic properties of such particles can be tailored for specific applications with the uniformity of individual beads critical to their function. However, the majority of magnetic characterization techniques quantify the magnetic properties from large bead ensembles. Developing new magnetic imaging techniques to evaluate and visualize the magnetic fields from single beads will allow detailed insight into the magnetic uniformity, anisotropy, and alignment of magnetic domains. Here, diamond‐based magnetic microscopy is applied to image and char..

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