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Guiding Development of the Neonate: Lessons from Mammalia

Kevin R Nicholas, Vengama Modepalli, Ashalyn P Watt, Lyn A Hinds, Amit Kumar, Christophe Lefevre, Julie A Sharp

Human Milk: Composition, Clinical Benefits and Future Opportunities | Nestle Nutrition Institute workshop series | KARGER | Published : 2019


Significantly preterm and low-birthweight (LBW) babies have diminished lung and gut development, generally fail to thrive, have increased mortality and higher frequency of mature-onset disease. Mothers often cannot breastfeed, and babies receive either formula or pasteurized donor milk, which may further limit the baby's recovery. New approaches are required to manage the early stages of neonatal development. The tammar wallaby, an Australian marsupial, has a short gestation and a simple placenta, and gives birth to an altricial young equivalent to a final trimester human embryo. The neonate remains in the pouch and attached to the teat for 100 days postpartum. The mother slows growth of the..

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