Journal article

Assessing a hyperarousal hypothesis of insomnia in adults with autism spectrum disorder

Emma K Baker, Amanda L Richdale, Agnes Hazi, Luke A Prendergast

AUTISM RESEARCH | WILEY | Published : 2019


This study aimed to investigate the relationship between sleep, psychopathology (anxiety, depression and presleep arousal) symptoms, and cortisol in adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The sample composed of 29 adults with ASD (51.7% males) and 29 control adults (51.7% males) aged 21-44 years. Thirteen adults with ASD were medicated for a comorbid diagnosis of anxiety and/or depression (ASD-Med), while the remaining 16 adults with ASD were not medicated for such diagnoses (ASD-Only). Participants completed a questionnaire battery, 14-day sleep/wake diary and 14-day actigraphy assessment. On one day during the data collection period, participants collected five saliva samples, hourly,..

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