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Building a tuberculosis-free world: The Lancet Commission on tuberculosis

Michocd JA Reid, Nimalan Arinaminpathy, Amy Bloom, Burry R Bloom, Cothurino Boehm, Richard Chaisson, Daniel P Chin, Gavin Churchyard, Helen Cox, Lucica Ditiu, Mark Dybul, Jeremy Farrar, Anthony S Fauci, Endalkachew Fekodu, Paula I Fujiwara, Timothy B Hallett, Christy L Hanson, Mark Harrington, Nick Herbert, Philip C Hopewell Show all



Funding Acknowledgements

This Commission was supported financially by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The funding covered travel, accommodation, and meals for the three face-to-face meetings of the Commission; research assistance time and the Commission secretariat, based at University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA; and additional modelling analysis done by a team from Imperial College, London, UK (also supported by the Stop TB Partnership). Both Stop TB Partnership and University Research Company provided invaluable administrative support to the Commission. We are grateful for the input of additional consultants, experts, and stakeholders who contributed with invaluable insights and perspectives through a variety of consultations. We acknowledge the contributions of Ramnath Subbaraman for his detailed exposition of care cascade analyses, Mustapha Gidado for his honest and provocative insights into the challenges of running a National TB program, Matthew Oliver who provided an invaluable perspective on the political economy of tuberculosis, Cecily Miller's critical analysis of the state of active case finding, and Anthony Harries whose vision and insights had a formative role in shaping the vision for the Commission. Claudia Denkinger, at FIND, had invaluable roles in assisting with the research and development section. We are grateful for the input of experts from Stop TB Partnership including Sahu Suvanand and Brenda Waning, whose contributions were particularly useful in the writing of section 3 of the Commission. We thank the faculty and staff at the Institute for Global Health Sciences at University of California San Francisco who prepared analytic inputs and technical briefs in preparation for Commission meetings. We highlight Jane Coyne, David McKey, Anne Wolfe, Kerstin Svendsen, Geoff Daily, Colin Cooper, Pal Shah, Nazila Dabistani, and Glenna Roberts whose hard work and attention to detail were indispensable. We are also grateful for Jaime Sepulveda's leadership and support for the endeavor. The Commission also thanks the anonymous referees for their outstanding peer review and Salman Keshavjee for providing rigorous, thoughtful and provocative in-person critique of the report at a critical juncture. Finally, we are grateful for the insights and comments of the tuberculosis survivors who shared their perspectives, Endy Fekadu, Nandita Venkatesan, Paulina Siniatkina, and Jo Chandler.