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Vision afropéenne de la cuisine camerounaise dans Soulfood équatoriale de Léonora Miano : genre, mémoire et construction nationale

Tess Do, Charlotte Mackay

La cuisine camerounaise: mots, pratiques et patrimoine | L'Harmattan | Published : 2019


This article considers the representation of Cameroonian food in the collection of gastronomic short stories (Soulfood équatoriale, 2009) by a young author of the diaspora, Léonora Miano. Through the study of five novellas, we analyse notably the symbolism with which the writer invests the food of her country of origin and the role she bestows upon it regarding nation-building in Cameroon. Our argument pursues two main axes: we first examine the gendered relations defining the Cameroonian couple as reconstituted by the author through food, its preparation and consumption which promotes a more equitable rapport between the man and the woman. This gender reconfiguration provides the woman with..

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