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Conformational and dynamic plasticity in substrate-binding proteins underlies selective transport in ABC importers

Marijn de Boer, Giorgos Gouridis, Ruslan Vietrov, Stephanie L Begg, Gea K Schuurman-Wolters, Florence Husada, Nikolaos Eleftheriadis, Bert Poolman, Christopher A McDevit, Thorben Cordes



Substrate-binding proteins (SBPs) are associated with ATP-binding cassette importers and switch from an open to a closed conformation upon substrate binding, providing specificity for transport. We investigated the effect of substrates on the conformational dynamics of six SBPs and the impact on transport. Using single-molecule FRET, we reveal an unrecognized diversity of plasticity in SBPs. We show that a unique closed SBP conformation does not exist for transported substrates. Instead, SBPs sample a range of conformations that activate transport. Certain non-transported ligands leave the structure largely unaltered or trigger a conformation distinct from that of transported substrates. Int..

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