Australian Inquiries into Natural Hazard Events: Recommendations relating to urban planning for natural hazard mitigation (2009-2017)

Alan March, Leonardo Nogueira de Moraes, Graeme Riddell, Stephen Dovers, Janet Stanley, Hedwig Van Delden, Ruth Beilin, Holger Maier

Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC | Published : 2018


This is the second research report for the Integrated Urban Planning for Natural Hazard Mitigation BNH-CRC project and constitutes a preliminary assessment of selected current approaches to integrating urban planning and natural hazard mitigation. Major post-event inquiries can play an important role in pushing for the reform of current urban planning arrangements to target disaster risk reduction. This was evident in the implementation of the Bushfire Management Overlay (see Appendix 1) and related statutory mechanisms in the State of Victoria after the 2009 Bushfires. Furthermore, recommendations can shed light on areas perceived as gaps during wider assessments of causes and contributory ..

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