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Toward a Biologically Plausible Model of LGN-V1 Pathways Based on Efficient Coding

Yanbo Lian, David B Grayden, Tatiana Kameneva, Hamish Meffin, Anthony N Burkitt

Frontiers in Neural Circuits | Frontiers Media | Published : 2019


Increasing evidence supports the hypothesis that the visual system employs a sparse code to represent visual stimuli, where information is encoded in an efficient way by a small population of cells that respond to sensory input at a given time. This includes simple cells in primary visual cortex (V1), which are defined by their linear spatial integration of visual stimuli. Various models of sparse coding have been proposed to explain physiological phenomena observed in simple cells. However, these models have usually made the simplifying assumption that inputs to simple cells already incorporate linear spatial summation. This overlooks the fact that these inputs are known to have strong non-..

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