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Bridging the divide: Integrating animal and plant paradigms to secure the future of biodiversity in fire-prone ecosystems

LT Kelly, L Brotons, KM Giljohann, MA McCarthy, JG Pausas, AL Smith

Fire | MDPI AG | Published : 2018


Conserving animals and plants in fire-prone landscapes requires evidence of how fires affect modified ecosystems. Despite progress on this front, fire ecology is restricted by a dissonance between two dominant paradigms: ‘fire mosaics’ and ‘functional types’. The fire mosaic paradigm focuses on animal responses to fire events and spatial variation, whereas the functional type paradigm focuses on plant responses to recurrent fires and temporal variation. Fire management for biodiversity conservation requires input from each paradigm because animals and plants are interdependent and influenced by spatial and temporal dimensions of fire regimes. We propose that better integration of animal-base..

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