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Understanding Governance Structures in Shaping Greenway Implementation in City-Regions: A Case Study in Central Zhejiang Province, China

Junxian Chen, Sun Sheng Han, Siqing Chen, Julius Fábos (ed.), Jack Ahern (ed.), Benjamin Breger (ed.), Theodore Eisenman (ed.), Anne Gharaibeh (ed.), Sándor Jombach (ed.), Kollányi László (ed.), Mark Lindhult (ed.), Amy Lynch (ed.), Robert Ryan (ed.), Richard Smardon (ed.), István Valánszki (ed.)

Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, University of Massachusetts | Published : 2019


Greenway implementation in city-regions is a collective action involving a complex range of relations between regional and local agencies, between government departments at the same administrative level, and between adjacent jurisdictions. This paper explores how greenway implementation governance is structured, and why different governance structures result in different greenway implementation processes and outcomes in a city-region. We use a case study approach to a greenway project in central Zhejiang Province (CCCZ), where data are collected through field reconnaissance, in-depth interviews, and document analysis. Preliminary findings reveal that the central Zhejiang Greenway Project has..

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