Journal article

What do parents of wheezy children understand by "wheeze"?

RS Cane, SC Ranganathan, SA McKenzie

Archives of Disease in Childhood | BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2000


BACKGROUND: Reported wheeze is the cornerstone of asthma diagnosis. AIMS: To determine what parents understand by wheeze. METHODS: Two studies were undertaken: (1) Parents of clinic attendees with reported wheeze (n=160) were asked by questionnaire what they understood by "wheeze" and how they knew their child was wheezy. Responses were compared to definitions of wheeze in 12 epidemiology studies and their response options. (2) The extent of agreement of parents' reports (n=139) of acute wheezing in their children and clinicians' findings of "wheeze" and "asthma" was examined. RESULTS: (1) "Sound" and "difficulty in breathing" were perceived central to "wheeze". "What you hear" was not selec..

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