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Low-energy electron properties: Electron inelastic mean free path, energy loss function and the dielectric function. Recent measurements, applications, and the plasmon-coupling theory

CT Chantler, JD Bourke



We review new self-consistent models of inelastic electron scattering in condensed matter systems for accurate calculations of low-energy electron inelastic mean free paths (IMFPs) for XAFS and low energy diffraction. The accuracy of theoretical determinations of the electron IMFP at low energies is one of the key limiting factors in current XAFS modeling and Monte Carlo transport. Recent breakthroughs in XAFS analysis show that there exist significant discrepancies between theoretical and experimental IMFP values, and that this can significantly impact upon extraction of other key structural parameters from both XANES and XAFS. Resolution of these discrepancies is required to validate exper..

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