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Can pre-hospital administration reduce time to initial antibiotic therapy in septic patients?

Daniel Cudini, Karen Smith, Stephen Bernard, Michael Stephenson, Emily Andrew, Peter Cameron, Mark Lum, Andrew Udy, S Peake, A Delaney, R Bellomo, PA Cameron, DJ Cooper, A Cross, C Gomersall, C Graham, AM Higgins, A Holdgate, BD Howe, I Jacobs Show all



OBJECTIVE: To quantify the potential time saved with pre-hospital antibiotic therapy in sepsis. METHODS: Study data for adult patients transported by Ambulance Victoria (AV), and enrolled into the Australasian Resuscitation In Sepsis Evaluation (ARISE), were linked with pre-hospital electronic records. RESULTS: An AV record was identified for 240 of 341 ARISE patients. The pre-hospital case notes referred to potential infection in 165 patients. The median time to first antibiotic administration from loading the patient into the ambulance was 107 (74-160) min. CONCLUSIONS: ARISE patients in Victoria were frequently identified pre-hospital. An opportunity exists to study the feasibility of pre..

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