Book Chapter

The world veterans federation: Cold war politics and globalization

Á Alcalde

War Veterans and the World after 1945: Cold War Politics, Decolonization, Memory | Taylor & Francis | Published : 2018


The World Veterans Federation (WVF) is an international non-governmental organization created in 1950. Currently, it is considered the largest veteran organization in the world, with 172 veteran associations from 121 countries representing some 45 million veterans worldwide. Since 1952, the WVF maintains consultative status with the United Nations; it is one among hundreds of international organizations that proliferated after 1945. Historians have largely neglected the history of the WVF, and specialists on veterans history have lamented this lack of research. The WVF offers an excellent window through which to observe the history of veterans in the world after 1945; it provides a global pe..

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