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Great inds think different: Preserving cognitive diversity in an age of gene editing

Jonathan Anomaly, Christopher Gyngell, Julian Savulescu

Bioethics | Wiley | Published : 2020


It is likely that gene editing technologies will become viable in the current century. As scientists uncover the genetic contribution to personality traits and cognitive styles, parents will face hard choices. Some of these choices will involve trade‐offs from the standpoint of the individual's welfare, while others will involve trade‐offs between what is best for each and what is good for all. Although we think we should generally defer to the informed choices of parents about what kinds of children to create, we argue that decisions to manipulate polygenic psychological traits will be much more ethically complicated than choosing Mendelian traits like blood type. We end by defending the pr..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Julian Savulescu, through his involvement with the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, received funding through from the Victorian State Government through the Operational Infrastructure Support (OIS) Program. The Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities, Directed by Julian Savulescu, is supported by a Wellcome Centre Grant (203132/Z/16/Z).