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The polarity protein Scrib limits atherosclerosis development in mice

Christoph Schuermann, Franziska L Dienst, Katalin Palfi, Andrea E Vasconez, James A Oo, ShengPeng Wang, Giulia K Buchmann, Stefan Offermanns, Bart van de Sluis, Matthias S Leisegang, Stefan Guenther, Patrick O Humbert, Eunjee Lee, Jun Zhu, Andreas Weigert, Praveen Mathoor, Ilka Wittig, Christoph Kruse, Ralf P Brandes



AIMS: The protein Scrib (Scribble 1) is known to control apico-basal polarity in epithelial cells. The role of polarity proteins in the vascular system remains poorly characterized; however, we previously reported that Scrib maintains the endothelial phenotype and directed migration. On this basis, we hypothesized that Scrib has anti-atherosclerotic functions. METHODS AND RESULTS: Tamoxifen-induced Scrib-knockout mice were crossed with ApoE-/- knockout mice and spontaneous atherosclerosis under high-fat diet (HFD), as well as accelerated atherosclerosis in response to partial carotid artery ligation and HFD, was induced. Deletion of Scrib resulted in increased atherosclerosis development in ..

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