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Effects of two types of smartphone-based stress management programmes on depressive and anxiety symptoms among hospital nurses in Vietnam: a protocol for three-arm randomised controlled trial

Kotaro Imamura, Thi Thu Tran Thuy, Thanh Nguyen Huong, Kazuto Kuribayashi, Asuka Sakuraya, Quoc Nguyen Anh, Minh Bui Thu, Thuy Nguyen Quynh, Trung Nguyen Kien, Thi Huong Nguyen Giang, Thi Ngoc Tran Xuyen, Quang Truong Tien, Melvyn WB Zhang, Harry Minas, Yuki Sekiya, Natsu Sasaki, Akizumi Tsutsumi, Norito Kawakami



INTRODUCTION: Due to an increasing demand for healthcare in low-income and middle-income countries in Asia, it is important to develop a strategy to manage work-related stress in healthcare settings, particularly among nurses in these countries. The purpose of this three-arm randomised controlled trial (RCT) is to examine the effects of a newly developed smartphone-based multimodule stress management programme on reducing severity of depressive and anxiety symptoms as primary outcomes at 3-month and 7-month follow-ups among hospital nurses in Vietnam. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: The target study population will be registered nurses working in a large general hospital (which employs approximately a..

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