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The Dominant Energy Transport Pathway in Halide Perovskites: Photon Recycling or Carrier Diffusion?

Zhixing Gan, Xiaoming Wen, Weijian Chen, Chunhua Zhou, Shuang Yang, Guiyuan Cao, Kenneth P Ghiggino, Hua Zhang, Baohua Jia



Photon recycling and carrier diffusion are the two plausible processes that primarily affect the carrier dynamics in halide perovskites, and therefore the evaluation of the performance of their photovoltaic and photonic devices. However, it is still challenging to isolate their individual contributions because both processes result in a similar emission redshift. Herein, it is confirmed that photon recycling is the dominant effect responsible for the observed redshifted emission. By applying one- and two-photon confocal emission microscopy on Ruddlesden–Popper type 2D perovskites, of which interplane carrier diffusion is strictly suppressed, the substantial PL redshift (72 meV) is well repro..

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Funding Acknowledgements

X.M.W. and B.H.J. acknowledge the support from the Australian Research Council (DP150104327, DP150102972, and DP160102955). Z.X.G. acknowledges support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 11604155). K.P.G. acknowledges support from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science (CE170100026). H.Z. thanks the support from MOE under AcRF Tier 2 (ARC 19/15, Nos. MOE2014-T2-2-093, MOE2015-T2-2-057, MOE2016-T2-2-103, and MOE2017-T2-1-162) and AcRF Tier 1 (2016-T1-001-147, 2016-T1-002-051, 2017-T1-001-150, and 2017-T1-002-119), and NTU under Start-Up Grant (M4081296.070.500000) in Singapore.