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Can you elaborate on that? Addressing participants' need for cognition in computer-tailored health behavior interventions.

IA Nikoloudakis, R Crutzen, AL Rebar, C Vandelanotte, P Quester, M Dry, A Skuse, MJ Duncan, CE Short

Health Psychol Rev | Published : 2018


Computer-tailored interventions, which deliver health messages adjusted based on characteristics of the message recipient, can effectively improve a range of health behaviours. Typically, the content of the message is tailored to user demographics, health behaviours and social cognitive factors (e.g., intentions, attitudes, self-efficacy, perceived social support) to increase message relevance, and thus the extent to which the message is read, considered and translated into attitude and behaviour change. Some researchers have suggested that the efficacy of computer-tailored interventions may be further enhanced by adapting messages to suit recipients' need for cognition (NFC) - a personality..

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