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Reviewing organisational buying decision-making and mass custom design mechanisms for sustainable housing delivery

Masayoshi Noguchi, Hemanta Doloi, Atul Bora, Sally Donovan

University of Melbourne | Published : 2018


In 2015, the United Nations set 17 Sustainable Development goals under the Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Climate change accompanied by global warming issues necessitates homes to be more environmentally friendly in production and operation, while the drastic hike of energy costs and today’s socio-economic diversity demand housing to be more affordable and customisable than ever. Homes need to accommodate the social, economic and environmental sustainability. Back in 1987, the revolutionary notion of sustainable development was introduced through by the United Nations’ Brundtland report. Coincidently, the mass customisation concept emerged as a means to ..

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