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152. Protective Antibody Levels 7.5 Years After Primary Vaccination in Adolescence With a Recombinant, 4-Component, Meningococcal Serogroup B Vaccine (4CMenB) and Response to a Booster Dose in Adolescents and Young Adults: Phase IIIb Clinical Findings.

Terry Nolan, Miguel O’Ryan, María Elena Santolaya, Ferdinandus De Looze, Helen Marshall, Peter Richmond, Sam Henein, Paul Rheault, Ken Heaton, Kirsten Perrett, Hartley Garfield, Anil Gupta, Murdo Ferguson, Diego D’Agostino, Daniela Toneatto

Open Forum Infectious Diseases | Published : 2018


AbstractBackground4CMenB has been shown to be immunogenic with an acceptable safety profile in infants and young adolescents. However, no data on long-term persistence after primary vaccination in adolescents are available. This is the first study to assess antibody persistence, booster response, and safety of 4CMenB in adolescents and young adults up to 7.5 years following the primary vaccination in adolescence.MethodsThis phase 3b, open-label, extension study (NCT02446743) assessed the antibody persistence and booster response at 4 years (Canada and Australia, NCT01423084) or 7.5 years (Chile, NCT00661713) after primary vaccination with 4CMenB (following 0 + 1-, 0 + 2-, or 0 + 6-month sche..

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