Book Chapter

Polymer Inclusion Membranes: Smart Materials for Sensing and Separation

Spas Kolev, Maria Gameiro De Sa Almeida, Robert Cattrall

Handbook of Smart Materials in Analytical Chemistry | Wiley | Published : 2019


A polymer inclusion membrane (PIM) is a type of liquid membrane in which the liquid phase is held within the polymeric network of a base‐polymer. Research on PIMs has increased exponentially over the past decade with a focus on their application in hydrometallurgy and in analytical chemistry and this chapter describes the variety of ways in which PIMs can be used. In separation science, PIMs are used as the extraction, preconcentration and phase transfer medium for numerous cations and anions. In chemical sensing, PIMs have found important uses as the active sensing membranes in electrochemical (Ion Selective Electrodes) and optical sensors (Optodes and Paper‐Based Devices). In addition, PIM..

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