Book Chapter

William Blake, the ancient Gnostics, and the birth of modern Gnosticism

Peter Otto

The Gnostic World | Routledge - Taylor & Francis | Published : 2019


On the 10th December 1825, after dining at the house of the painter and socialite Eliza Aders and her husband Charles, in the company of the painter John Linnell, the diarist Henry Crabb Robinson was at a loss. As he wrote in his journal: “I will put down as they occur to me without method all I can recollect of the conversation of this remarkable man”; but “Shall I call him Artist or Genius—or Mystic—or Madman? Probably he is all”. The remarkable man was William Blake, the fifth member of the dinner party—a poet, prophet, painter, visionary, engraver, and non-academic philosopher, who has exerted a powerful influence on 20th and 21st century thought and culture. When the evening came to a c..

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