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HIF1A and NFAT5 coordinate Na -boosted antibacterial defense via enhanced autophagy and autolysosomal targeting

Patrick Neubert, Andrea Weichselbaum, Carmen Reitinger, Valentin Schatz, Agnes Schroeder, John R Ferdinand, Michaela Simon, Anna-Lorena Baer, Christoph Brochhausen, Roman G Gerlach, Stefan Tomiuk, Karin Hammer, Stefan Wagner, Ger van Zandbergen, Katrina J Binger, Dominik N Mueller, Kento Kitada, Menna R Clatworthy, Christian Kurts, Jens Titze Show all



Infection and inflammation are able to induce diet-independent Na+-accumulation without commensurate water retention in afflicted tissues, which favors the pro-inflammatory activation of mouse macrophages and augments their antibacterial and antiparasitic activity. While Na+-boosted host defense against the protozoan parasite Leishmania major is mediated by increased expression of the leishmanicidal NOS2 (nitric oxide synthase 2, inducible), the molecular mechanisms underpinning this enhanced antibacterial defense of mouse macrophages with high Na+ (HS) exposure are unknown. Here, we provide evidence that HS-increased antibacterial activity against E. coli was neither dependent on NOS2 nor o..

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