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Link between Low-Fouling and Stealth: A Whole Blood Biomolecular Corona and Cellular Association Analysis on Nanoengineered Particles

Alessia CG Weiss, Hannah G Kelly, Matthew Faria, Quinn A Besford, Adam K Wheatley, Ching-Seng Ang, Edmund J Crampin, Frank Caruso, Stephen J Kent

ACS Nano | American Chemical Society | Published : 2019


Upon exposure to human blood, nanoengineered particles interact with a multitude of plasma components, resulting in the formation of a biomolecular corona. This corona modulates downstream biological responses, including recognition by and association with human immune cells. Considerable research effort has been directed toward the design of materials that can demonstrate a low affinity for various proteins (low-fouling materials) and materials that can exhibit low association with human immune cells (stealth materials). An implicit assumption common to bio–nano research is that nanoengineered particles that are low-fouling will also exhibit stealth. Herein, we investigated the link between..

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