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Detecting RyR clusters with CaCLEAN: influence of spatial distribution and structural heterogeneity

David Ladd, Agne Tilunaite, Christian Soeller, Llewelyn Roderick, Edmund Crampin, Vijay Rajagopal

Published : 2019


In cardiomyocytes, the coordinated release of calcium ions from intracellular stores through ryanodine receptor (RyR) clusters is key to the generation of a calcium transient and induction of contraction. Recently, a deconvolution algorithm from radio astronomy was adapted and applied to analysis of calcium fluorescence imaging of cardiomyocytes. The algorithm, CaCLEAN, showed potential in revealing both the spatial locations of RyR clusters and their functional response in living cells. However, whether the RyR clusters identified by CaCLEAN analysis of the imaging data were true or false positives remained unvalidated in the absence of ground truth values. In this work, a structurally real..

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